Bree Modica, MS, PAS


“Physically Effective Fiber Threshold, Apparent Digestibility, and Novel Fecal Microbiome Identification of the Leopard Tortoise (Stigmochelys pardalis)” – Bree Modica, MS Thesis. Click here to read!

“Mealtime for Exotic Pets” – Richard Turcsik, Pet Business Magazine, January 2018. Click here to read!

“Pellets Filled with Power” – Karen M. Alley, Pet Age Magazine, September 2018. Click here to read!

“Vitamin ‘See'” – Erik J. Martin, Pet Age Magazine, September 2018. Click here to read!

Meet the founder.

Bree has always loved animals and been particularly fond of reptiles. She was that kid out catching lizards and bugs in the yard. Fast-forward to today, and she’s a reptile professional, specializing in helping new and beginner-level reptile owners to properly care for their pet.

Bree earned her MS in Animal Science at Cal Poly, SLO where her thesis research specifically focused on reptile nutrition, and her coursework included such classes as Herpetology, Comparative Animal Nutrition, and Animal Metabolism.

While working as the first in-house nutritionist for the world’s largest reptile product company for three years, Bree also found a passion for animal food safety and regulations. During this time, she became a registered Professional Animal Scientist with ARPAS, a certified Preventive Controls and Qualified Individual for animal food, as well as certified in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points for animal food.

Throughout her educational and professional career, Bree worked with many pet owners seeking help to properly care for their reptiles. With so many avenues available to find information, Bree found the best way to help pet owners was right in their own home. Thus, her business adventure began, and she now makes in-home consulting visits along the California Central Coast and offers virtual appointments for all other locations.

Today, The REPstylist is her passion project!

Tucker Benson, AA

Meet the editor.

Tucker is obsessed with language. Ever since he could read books he’s devoted time to unlocking the secrets to creative storytelling and the sharing of his ideas. Now, he’s a writer of many trades, including editing, copywriting, fiction, and poetry.

A recent graduate from Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nevada, Tucker holds an AA in English. He focused his degree primarily on literature, creative writing, and editing.

Tucker, alongside his studies, has volunteered for the last four years with the organization known as the National Federation of the Blind. As an individual with a visual impairment himself, Tucker learned about independent living skills and assistive technology (AT). Currently, he works as an AT instructor in the “Silver State” (Nevada) for the Hellen Keller National Center and the Perkins School for the Blind, two of the biggest nonprofits in the country.

Still pursuing his craft, though, Tucker has honed his skills through freelance writing opportunities for his local college and for acquaintances he’s made over the years. However, with the launch of The Repstylist, he has found the chance to help Bree build her business by shaping her knowledge as best he possible can for reptile enthusiasts across California’s Central Coast and beyond.

*The Repstylist does not receive any endorsements, paid or otherwise. All posted information, statements and opinions are solely that of The Repstylist.

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