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UVB and UVI Measuring Tools

UVB can be a confusing topic. There’s a LOT of information wrapped up in these three letters. But once you understand the difference between UVB and UVI, and what to actually do with these elements in your reptile’s habitat, you’ll feel like a pro! Keep reading to find out just what it is you need…

Veiled Chameleon Care

Veiled chameleons can make fun and interesting pets for the experienced keeper! You don’t have to be a reptile expert to take good care of one, but we don’t recommend them for the beginner keeper. Veiled chameleons tend to be quite docile, and require some more specialty care compared to other reptiles such as leopard…

Sulcata Tortoise Care

Sulcata tortoises (also called African spurred tortoises) can make great pets for advanced reptile owners prepared for a long-term commitment. Sulcata tortoises can be quite docile, and as a grassland species, they don’t require as much specialty care as some other reptiles, like chameleons. Keep reading to find out more about how to keep your…


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