Category: Diet Concerns

Common reptile nutrition issues including what and how to feed your reptile, decreased appetite, changing the diet, and more!

Help, My Reptile Won’t Eat!

Although it can come as a shock when your reptile follows such a regular schedule, it’s not uncommon for any reptile to skip a meal here or there – sometimes even a few meals under specific conditions. Nevertheless, it can be concerning if it’s… Continue Reading “Help, My Reptile Won’t Eat!”

How to Add or Change an Item in Your Reptile’s Diet

If you’ve ever had a dog, your veterinarian probably asked about their diet at each check-up and maybe gave you some recommendations, too. If the vet recommended a diet change, they most likely told you to do so slowly over 7-10 days so you… Continue Reading “How to Add or Change an Item in Your Reptile’s Diet”