Let’s make keeping a reptile in your home easier than it’s ever been!

The Repstylist puts nutrition and care info right where you need it!

At The Repstylist, we’ve created an easy and simple way to remember all of the most important nutritional and care tips for your reptile! We also have The Repstylist merch available so you can show off your dedication to learning all about your reptile and their care.

Photo courtesy of Daria Shevtsova

Reptile Care Magnets

It’s easy to get lost in the thick of SO many details while researching how to care for your pet on your own, that’s why The Repstylist is here to help, providing clarity in the essential elements that keep your reptile healthy and happy. Reptile nutrition and care has never been easier or more convenient. Whether you display the magnet on your fridge or elsewhere in your home, it will always be available to help you provide proper care to your reptile! 

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Photo courtesy of Brigitte Tohm

The Repstylist Merch

Have your coffee and drink it too! Check out our selection of drinkware including coffee mugs, aluminum water bottles and tumblers sporting The Repstylist logo. Got enough water bottles laying around? Check out our tote bags, perfect to keep all of your reptile’s supplies in one place. We all know the importance of reusable products, why not support small and local business at the same time!

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Photo courtesy of Ksenia Chenaya

The Repstylist Apparel

We love reptiles and we know you do too! With hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts available for adults and kids, you’re bound to find something that fits your REP-style. We’re constantly adding to and updating our designs, so check back often. Have an interest in our apparel displaying a particular reptile? We’re happy to accommodate special orders as best we can – just ask! So show off your love for scaly-clad creatures by sporting a t-shirt from The Repstylist!

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“I REALLY love the magnet you sent me! It was so useful and convenient, I thought to myself what a great idea.”

Stacey Eddy – San Luis Obispo, CA

“I ordered a shirt from [The Repstylist] for my daughter for Christmas which arrived in plenty of time…they also slipped me this excellent ‘reminder’ magnet to help with my BP’s [ball python] care.”

David Cassidy – Arroyo Grande, CA

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