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How Reptile Foods are Formulated

After working with so many different reptile species and helping numerous reptile owners tread through all the articles, blogs, and opinions available to take the best care of their reptile, one thing I’ve come to realize is that most reptile owners have a specific… Continue Reading “How Reptile Foods are Formulated”

Bearded Dragon Care

Bearded dragons make wonderful pets, especially for the beginner keeper! Bearded dragons tend to be quite docile and don’t require as much specialty care as some other species, like chameleons. Part of the reason these lizards are considered an “easy-keeper” is due to them… Continue Reading “Bearded Dragon Care”

Heat vs UVB

As we’ve mentioned in some of our other posts, the most common thing that comes to mind when people think of reptiles is that they’re ectothermic. Most people refer to “ectothermic” as “cold-blooded,” but this term isn’t really accurate. To put it simply, reptiles… Continue Reading “Heat vs UVB”

Help, My Reptile Won’t Eat!

Although it can come as a shock when your reptile follows such a regular schedule, it’s not uncommon for any reptile to skip a meal here or there – sometimes even a few meals under specific conditions. Nevertheless, it can be concerning if it’s… Continue Reading “Help, My Reptile Won’t Eat!”

Creating a Temperature Gradient

If there’s one thing everyone knows about reptiles, it’s that they need an external heat source. But there’s so much more to providing your reptile with appropriate heat. One of the most commonly overlooked aspects is creating a temperature gradient throughout the terrarium (or… Continue Reading “Creating a Temperature Gradient”

How to Add or Change an Item in Your Reptile’s Diet

If you’ve ever had a dog, your veterinarian probably asked about their diet at each check-up and maybe gave you some recommendations, too. If the vet recommended a diet change, they most likely told you to do so slowly over 7-10 days so you… Continue Reading “How to Add or Change an Item in Your Reptile’s Diet”

How to Read and Understand (Reptile) Food Labels

You’ve probably heard quite a few things from the media about pet food labels over the last decade, which isn’t surprising since this topic has gained serious momentum over the last few years. From claims on pet food packaging, to ingredients, to sourcing –… Continue Reading “How to Read and Understand (Reptile) Food Labels”