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“Where do I even start? Bree is really amazing! I worked with her…and she took the time to give me a few tips about dietary needs of the animals at the facility! I learned how to base the proper amount of food to give a reptile based off the weight and species because of her. I’m glad to be doing business with her, since she was/is definitely such an inspiration to look deeper into the health of animals! I would DEFINITELY recommend Bree for animal nutrition. She’s super knowledgeable and I doubt there’s anyone better.”

Nick Foster of Nick’s Reps – Lemoore, CA

“I came to Bree in a state of panic because I had no idea how to take care of my son’s first bearded dragon. Each time I reached out to Petco and Petsmart their staff gave me conflicting information. And researching on Google was too overwhelming. Bree provided excellent in-home guidance of how to properly care for Spike. It was super convenient, and she made it so easy to understand what Spike needed. From basking temperatures, to UVB requirements, and nutrition she gave my family the knowledge we needed to provide our reptile with a healthy and happy home. Beyond that we became confident in our ability to be responsible reptile owners which gave us peace in knowing that we had an expert’s recommendation and insight. Bree is phenomenal to work with, she is patient, caring and passionate about reptiles. I would recommend her in-home consulting services to all reptile owners because she takes the time to get to know your pet which enable personal, customizable care for your reptile.”

Stacey Eddy – San Luis Obispo, CA

“I really have enjoyed having Bree’s counsel regarding my Ball Python which I was given, thankfully with all the right things to keep her alive and well. Bree does offer a variety of services and has additional help if needed from a vet that works with her. I ordered a shirt from her for my daughter for Christmas which arrived in plenty of time. If you need help with your critters, be sure to shoot Bree a message! Oh, she also slipped me this excellent “reminder” magnet to help with my BP’s care!”

David Cassidy – Arroyo Grande, CA

“I cannot say enough great things about Bree and her company. I have had [animals] with skin conditions and allergies and finding a diet to get them on is close to impossible. One of the best things about this business is that she customizes each diet to each individual [animal]…and the [animals] love it! Her knowledge and expertise far exceeded my expectations. I’m so grateful for Bree and this business. I’m blown away with how professional and patient she was when it came time to work with us. I highly recommend Bree and this service.”

Anna Shreeves of Walk SLO – San Luis Obispo, CA

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